Hello ! Have you ever played Hakuoki ? If so, who's your favorite character and why ? Also, any otome game you would like to recommend ? :3

I only played the Saitō Hajime, so I guess him… I was part-way through Okita’s route but I never got to finish it because of work. I haven’t been able to play an otome game in a while, unfortunately. Not since Sweet Fuse, so if you haven’t played that yet, I thought it was fun. 

Who is your favorite Jojo?

I’ve only read part 5 and a tiny bit of SBR and I remember approximately 2% of it. I don’t know a lot about Jojo but I probably should, considering how all my friends are big fans of it.

First, I love XSeed's localization. Curious though, you said you guys do add a bit of personality to your translations. I found RF4 hilarious the entire time I was playing it and saw that bit about the child being presented with the engagement ring. I'm curious what other fun everyone has at XSeed with the translations. Not only with RF4, but I'm also hoping we'll see some of that in Story of Seasons as well.

I mean, it’s hard to say. We typically don’t like just making stuff up unless it’s not essential to anything in the story to begin with, so it’s more like we have fun with boring, standard text. And only when it’s ‘appropriate’ and if the original team is okay with it.

I won’t be a part of the SoS team for a while, so I can’t really say what’s in there specifically. For our other projects though, it depends on the project. Like, Corpse Party is very serious and nearly all the dialogue feeds heavily into the story and atmosphere, so you can’t really go changing it without ruining the intent of the original game. For Rune Factory 4, however, it was just adding a little more fun to a game that was already teeming with fun and silly dialogue to begin with. It didn’t change what the game was originally supposed to feel like, you know? Same for changing stuff like the treasure chests in Trails in the Sky from pretty much saying “It’s empty” to that buffet of silly phrases that became so infamous, or changing the “You don’t have any” phrase when trying to feed an animal in Ys: Memories of Celceta to some stupid or snarky reply.

So there’s a lot to consider, even with that sort of thing. You don’t just go changing things willy-nilly; you consider the importance of the line, the overall atmosphere of the game, how the original team would feel about it…and if one of those doesn’t feel right, you keep things closer to home. That’s how I feel, anyway. Also, when you look has tens of thousands of lines and millions of characters, you sometimes just have to have fun with a couple of lines when the opportunity presents itself or you’ll go crazy, ha ha. 

You watch the anime Kill la kill if so whats yer favorite character ?


Hello! Thank you for being so open in explaining the behind-the-scenes process of localizing and publishing games. I think one thing you mentioned in the difference in NA publishing and Europe publishing would be changing some terminology, but what sorts of terminology would have to be changed? Thanks!

That’s more between platforms, like naming conventions for how to address the pressing of a button or names/visuals of official Nintendo/Sony/Microsoft products like controllers in a game (“Press [SYMBOL] to do stuff” vs. “Press the [SYMBOL] button to do stuff”). I don’t remember if that changes between NA and Europe since I normally don’t deal with Europe, but I don’t remember ever having to worry about changes like that with The Last Story and Pandora’s Tower too much.

Just wanted to drop by and say congrats on the successful Trails in the Sky launch! :) You Xseed folks worked hard to get this out and it was well worth the wait. I really love this series and I'm ecstatic so many people are supporting it. Can't wait for SC! (I need more Olivier in my life <3)

Thank you!! I’m really glad it was worth the wait. And from what I hear, there will be plenty of Olivier-related shenanigans that will make you love him even more in SC. Thank you for being so patient with us while we work on it! ;a;

What do you think of Katsuragi's design? Personality-wise, I adore her and get a real kick out of her. But I hate her outfit so much, because it's so illogical. There's no reason she should do a spinning kick and have her hair, tie, etc. whirling around, but her completely unbuttoned shirt remains plastered to her chest. I get why they do that, but if only her art design had a single button still done up, then it wouldn't annoy me whenever I see it. So obv, talking about boobs means asking you.

I actually think her outfit is one of the more logical ones! You can use special tape or ‘gum’ safe for the skin to keep an open shirt in place properly. A lot of women use that sort of thing for dresses with deep v-necks so they don’t have to wear a bra. It’s a pretty simple design overall and then you have those kick-ass ornate shoes, so I like the look!

Do you watch Gintama? If you don't, do you still have a favorite character anyway?

I’ve only seen the first few episodes, but I like Gintoki!

I know you weren't even the person responsible for it, but PRAISE THE LORD TitS HAS HIGH RESOLUTION TEXT AND IT IS A GLORIOUS THING


When we were in early builds, whenever someone shouted the text blew up and looked blurry as well and I was like, “Sara, this looks so ugly, everyone will complain ;__;” but it was also in the Japanese version, right? But the sequel, SC, doesn’t do the ugly blown-up text. So our programmer comes back to me later and goes, “I back-ported the way SC handles text to FC, hopefully it won’t look as ugly.” And it looked a LOT better. Massive enough improvement and what you get if you turn the HD text off. Then she goes, “I think I can make this look even better,” and she updates it and suddenly HD TEXT EVERYWHERE and she is indeed fantastic for making it happen.

Just out of curiosity, any opinions of Hyperdimension Neptunia?

I tried playing it, but I don’t think it was for me.

I'm too shy to say this off anon, but I just wanted to say that XSEED is honestly my favorite localization company in the industry right now. A lot of the other companies out there are great, but none of them have your soul. I mean, there was nothing forcing you to backport TitS' PSP/PS3 features, but you did it just to make the fans' days. Well, you've certainly made mine.

Thank you!!! It’s really nice to see these posts in my asks once in a while. Posts between can bog you down a bit, but these perk me right up, ha ha. Our programmer is really big on experimenting with code, so when we bring her a new idea, she’s always up for playing around with it and seeing what she can make better. I don’t think we could ask to work with someone better, since she she made all of our Ys titles so far definitive PC versions. Even with Corpse Party, she said she wants to try and redo the code from scratch and smooth in features from later chapters into earlier chapters. But anyway, I’m always glad to hear a Trails fan is happy. Thank you so much for your support!

Though it hasn't even been 2 days since launch, is XSEED relatively happy with how TiTSFC PC is doing?

Its debut was something we couldn’t predict.That’s a good thing and about as specific as I can get.

Is Xseed having its release announcement event this year?

No idea. We’re always working on new projects behind the scenes, but considering we’ve just launched one of eight announced titles this week, we’ve still got a lot of games to clear out before announcing anything new any time soon in any form.

What kind of ratios do you tend to get for physical sales vs digital copies, for games that have both? And does it differ much between platforms? I would imagine, for example, that some people avoid downloading big Vita games because of the memory card prices.

It’s hard to say because it really depends on the game, so it’s all about the genre, the audience, the console, and so much more. No two games are alike, even if they’re the same game on different consoles. Physical or digital doesn’t matter; that sort of things applies to both. 

you should get a pretty theme for your blog!

I don’t really know much about themes. A lot of the free ones make stuff disappear and everything. A nice one would be cool, but I wouldn’t want anything too cutesy.