i'm sorry if this is an annoying question or if similar ones are asked a lot! ;-; but will rf4's failing the quality check affect when the website comes out, or should we stil lexpect to see it in a few weeks? also, how long does it take to fix errors, and how long does it take nintendo to test a game? :o if they've failed a game before, do they go through everything again on a recheck or do they only go through bits of it to make sure the erroneous parts got fixed? :?

Don’t worry, your questions are great. 

- The website progress should proceed as normal, but keep in mind I just estimated when it would come out; I actually have no idea when it will go live.

- Everything really depends on the error. We sent out the things that needed to be fixed to the development team within the hour of notice, then we’ll get a new build, which I’ll be playing through and checking to make sure that not only are those problems fixed, but to make sure new problems haven’t come up (it happens!). Not sure how much time I’ll be devoting to that, but last time I devoted about a week to it so I could thoroughly check.

- We will resubmit to Nintendo and they will go through the inspection again. Usually the next inspections are a little shorter, but by that I mean more like 2-3 weeks instead of 3-4 weeks. They still usually take time! Hopefully we’ll have fixed everything they wanted fixed all proper and we can get things moving again.